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Bubblegum Gelato is a hybrid strain with a slight Indica-dominance and an Indica/Sativa ratio of about 60/40. It represents a cross between Gelato #45 and Indiana Bubblegum, affecting its partially inherited name. An average level of THC in this cannabis ranges between 26.5-29.5%, while its CBD content reaches only about 0.79-0.97%. Among its composition, it’s also possible to find approximately 0.31-0.36% CBC, 0.05-0.17% CBG, 0.54-0.6% CBN, and 0.12-0.3% THCV. Due to a combination of smooth effects and pleasant flavors, Bubblegum Gelato strain can become a great option even for novice smokers. Besides that, it has a rather diverse terpene profile that highlights this marijuana’s original identity among other strains. That profile consists of the following terpenes:

Bubblegum Gelato Strain With An Unforgettable Sweet Taste

Bubblegum Gelato Strain Flavor Profile

Delicious flavors are another significant feature of Bubblegum Gelato weed. The flavors of this cannabis draw a fresh and extremely sweet pallet, enriched with fruity, berry, and flowery tastes. Among fruity tastes, it’s possible to distinguish such as plum, peach, and apricot. Also, one may feel a slightly earthy note on the exhale. In the end, all of that creates a complex flavor, resembling sweet bubblegum. Regarding the impact of terpenes, limonene gives flowery presence and that particular earthy hint, while myrcene provides sweetness. Linalool is the one that partially contributes to floweriness, sweetness, and supplies with berry presence.

Most Common Effects

After the consumption this indica-dominant hybrid, the high takes some time to build, and after a few minutes comes a smooth feeling of euphoria. This bubblegum candy uplifts the mood and provides a pleasant relaxation with slight tingles. In combination, all of that gradually erases all unnecessary thoughts, and the high starts to settle down. During that, appears a feeling of creativity that lightly improves the focus. Worth mentioning that this kush is quite capable of inducing munchies, so it’s better to prepare beforehand. The most suitable time to enjoy Bubblegum Gelato is in the afternoon.

Another positive property of BG Gelato cannabis is its significant effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of diseases such as: Lack of appetite, Arthritis, or Stress.

Although the probability of facing side-effects is quite low with this strain, one still might encounter:

Thirst and dry mouth
Dry eyes
Slurred speech
Panic attacks



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