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The White Truffle strain tends to yield purple-splotched nugs and foliage that can turn so dark it almost appears black. Its thick, tightly packed buds shaped like spades, come cloaked in milky-white trichomes with some darkish orange-brown hairs. Usually flowering at around two months with abundant yields, it grows well both indoors and outdoors (in sunny conditions).

White Truffle is an indica-dominant phenotype of Gorilla Butter, which is a cross of Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4). It is said to have originally been bred by a small breeder called Fresh Coast Genetics in Michigan, but Parabellum Genetics has also bred a strain called White Truffle by crossing 95 Dead with Platinum Kush Mints.

Regardless of who bred the name, two things are for sure: when grown properly, White Truffle is absolutely delicious and produces an excellent high.


White Truffle’s aroma comes through with notes of earth, dank, and skunk. Upon consumption, those skunky (and slightly gassy) flavors blanket your mouth.

Its terpene profile features a high amount of caryophyllene, the chemical behind the spice in black pepper and cinnamon, which is also abundant in weed strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Bubba Kush. Also present in high quantities is limonene, the citrusy terpene also found in lemons and limes, as well as in daytime cannabis strains like Durban Poison, Jack Herer, and Super Lemon Haze.

The third terpene that White Truffle contains in high quantities, is humulene, the same chemical present in hops, sage, and ginseng. Strains like Death Star, Thin Mint GSC, and Original Glue feature higher-than-usual amounts of humulene.

The end result is a mix of earth, skunk, spice, and fuel with distant touches of nuttiness and citrusy fruit all wrapped up in one savory blast of flavor and fragrance.


Often testing for around 35% THC and potentially small amounts of CBD and CBN, this cultivar is expected to produce middle-of-the-road effects, which make it great for an afternoon boost in morale. If you’re feeling down and need some help pushing through the day, smoking, dabbing, or vaping White Truffle might offer a remedy for your troubles.

You’ll hear reports about users feeling a laid-back buzz and/or aroused with tingly sensations. Consumers will talk about how they first feel White Truffle flow into their head and clear their mind to leave room for pleasant thoughts and feelings. But the high then slowly creeps down into their body, leaving them with a long-lasting heavy relaxation.





White Truffle (STIIZY) 36%THC INDICA 🔥🔥🔥

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