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The decadent California cannabis brand Waferz announces its first cannabis concentrate product called Swirlz.

The inaugural Waferz Concentrate features one gram of Premium Live Resin Batter in a “Swirl” combining two popular, sweet, gas-forward cultivars: Waferz Original and Mac 1. “We exclusively dropped this product for 7/10 to connect with more consumers and bring another lit drop to the California market,” the Waferz team tells Hall of Flowers following the Swirlz’ July launch.

This unique Live Resin Batter from Waferz is currently available for wholesalers and buyers across California. Since Waferz was launched in 2019, it has evolved into one of California’s top-tier Ultra Premium weed brands dedicated to community and culture. The consumer popularity of its proprietary, namesake dessert cultivar Waferz made the brand what it is today. Today, Waferz showcases a wide range of uniquely bred strains under the Waferz brand, many of them with lineage traced back to the namesake Waferz strain. “We are not only offering cannabis consumers a variety of products, but a lifestyle,” Waferz tells Hall of Flowers.

In a saturated and highly competitive cannabis market filled with uncertain products, the Waferz team is committed to providing consumers with transparency, clean smoke, consistentily potent strains, and unique flavor profiles that they won’t be able to live without. The Live Resin Batter offering Swirlz from Waferz is currently available on retail shelves at Cookies Maywood, Smartweed, Blazed Utopia, SC Gardens, PCF, and Emjay in California.



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