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Step By Step Guide: How To Place Order From Leaflyweednyc

Updated: Jan 31

Customers make more use of online shopping so that they reduce the hassle of going to the store, they can save time, and they can shop in less time from the comfort of their home sitting freely without any stress. For that, many web pages and applications are available to order their products online. The same goes with the Weed business also.

An increase in the demand for weed in New York has led to weed delivery and online order or booking services that are now open for all cannabis consumers and valuable customers.

If our customers want to keep pace with the time, then we should also give them the facility of online ordering quickly. Sometimes it also happens that the order process takes a lot of time due to which the customers get dissatisfied. That's why our effort should be to make easy order steps and a good user experience.

To order your favorite weed products from LeaflyweedNYC, the best weed delivery in NYC follow the below easy and simple steps:-

1- Go to the “Shop” option at the top of the webpage

2- Select your preferred product from the variety of different products available on LeaflyweedNYC

3- You will get two options-

Add to cart

(This option is to add multiple products in one list for purchase)

Buy Now

(to buy the single product directly and place the order)

4- Select one option and then click checkout

5- Enter all the necessary shipping details with the proper Address.

6- Select your delivery method



curbside pickup


7- Continue cash on delivery if you want to pay on your order delivery

8- Review your orders and place an order

9- Click on place an order

Please text 6468180996 With your name and order number for ETA. Our team member will contact you for order confirmation and will guide you about the order receiving time.

For any query or concern you can call us any time or text us we will revert you back as soon as possible.

CALL US: +1 646-818-0996

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 8 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 7 PM

Sunday: 9 AM - 8 PM

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