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Best Sativa Strains in 2023- LeaflyweedNYC


'Sativa' is one of the three main ways of classifying cannabis types, along with 'Indica' and 'hybrid'. This is an aging imperfect classification system, but dispensaries present Sativa strains as the energetic counterpoint to Indica strains, which are considered more sedative. Sativa strains provide less energy, creativity, or focus than other types of weed, without making you drowsy.

Sativa has always been an unexplored area in weed-smoking habits. Sativa is often a stimulant strain that gives more energy than ever.

Sativa strain helps manage symptoms of mood disorders or other cognitive issues, including depression and ADHD. Everyone's so desperate to feel the pleasurable brain effects of Sativa strains that we've invented a few - like energy drinks, soda pop, and even five-hour energy shots.

Are you looking for something energetic, cerebral, and inspirational? The following is a list for those looking for a de-stress that can kill anxiety and depression rather than increase it and enhance their day rather than end it.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain with 0% Indica genetics. Established in the 1970s in the city of Durban, South Africa. The plant is known for having large resin-filled glands and moderately high THC levels (20%) and yet has a compact size for a Sativa. Some people describe Durban poison as a morning strain. THC levels can reach up to 25% in some cases and is a good entry strain for beginners. The compact size and heavy glands make it a concentrated product and a popular choice for making 100% Sativa.

Durban poison connoisseurs describe it as an explosion of energy and creativity, with a sweet and grapefruit-like aroma. Sativa strain may help improve concentration. Known for developing exceptionally sticky buds that produce a sweet and often ammonia-like scent.

Sour Diesel

Sour diesel is the ultimate stimulant. From a potency perspective, the THC levels in this bad boy oscillate somewhere between 20-22%. Coming in as a 90% Sativa-dominant hybrid, Sour Diesel is the best to enhance your average day. It is also known to improve the mood of people suffering from depression, as it transmits good happiness and good energy.

The high Sativa strain is very dangerous in the cerebral and physical aspects as well as one of the strongest Sativa strains, its resinous and dense light-green buds produce an exceptionally strong gassy smell with citrus fruit flavors. Smells include fuel, citrus, and spice, making for a really nice morning smoke if you're into the Wake n' Bake lifestyle. A connoisseur's delight This weed is admired globally for its sour, ultra-pungent buds. This strain is on this list because it has helped people deal with anxiety and depression for ages. In addition to smelling and tasting good, sour diesel is known to give a powerful high, leaving the consumer feeling stoned and relaxed but not incapacitated. Experienced stoners looking for a one-day treat can't resist this cultivar.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the more well-known Sativa-dominant hybrid strains and combines the best qualities of Haze with Northern Lights. The end result is a significantly higher THC level of up to 23%. The strain was developed in the Netherlands in 1990 and has balanced strength with a pistachio-scented scent. The smell is not as strong as other cannabis Sativa strains, but the Sativa effects are potent.

The Jack Herer strain is much used for recreational activities such as house parties and long walks. This is a pure Sativa bud when cut as opposed to feeling overpowered and actually feels like enhancing. The cerebral high blends in with a relaxing full-body wave. They also often sell for 10-30% off the retail price. Another strain for creative and dreamy painters, writers, and sculptors.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze 70% Sativa-dominant strain is known for its intense high. This Sativa Dominant Hybrid 4:1 typically comes in THC levels that do not differ from normal in the range between 15-20%. The aroma is distinctly sweet and earthy, with blueberry and spicy notes. The effect is relaxing mood elevation and an almost psychedelic level of euphoria that can generate a lot of giggles.

Disorientation and heightening your senses to the point where you lose focus are quite common. It also works very fast so enjoy this strain with ease. Roll up this strain and after the first inhale you may feel a little pressure, but once it subsides you will be ready for a social and creative treat.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from its hometown of California with 70% Sativa genetics. The aroma has a lemon flavor, as well as notes of berries and even strong alcohol. It is high in alpha-pinene, which some believe is linked to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. It gets you excited, and feeling nice and cozy in your favorite room with your favorite song on.

A few hits of it will relax you. It will stimulate your brain and make you fall into an energy hole. However, if you are prone to anxiety while smoking, this cultivar tastes like sweet berries and provides a balanced high associated with gentle cerebral invigoration and full-body relaxation. Medical marijuana users claim that it provides rapid relief from symptoms of nausea, depression, and pain. It is a true gem that is appreciated by commercial growers and connoisseurs alike.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is an 80% Sativa-dominant strain and THC levels can vary between 25% and 35% depending on the grower. This makes for both a powerful and invigorating strain for the experienced smoker. The aroma and taste of strawberries will make your mouth water and your body will crave its sweet, berry flavor. Strawberry Cough is ideal for consumption at any time, but it is especially helpful when consumed before settling down to the day's chores.

Sativa consumers praise this strain for social activities as they get a head high, energy boost, and motivational push, providing a mellow, euphoric high, usually associated with feelings of happiness and euphoria And lots of good laughs ensue. Some growers say this Sativa strain is especially excellent for calming the body and mind.

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